Dog Unit
We have a specific team assigned to handle guard dogs. Locations that require top class and high level of security often use the services of dog handlers. A guard dog has ability to detect by scent any unusual activity over a vast distance. Our dog handlers go through a comprehensive training before they can work on the site.
Patrol dogs are incredibly effective in safeguarding premises against intruders, burglary and other threats. They can take care of large premises and ideal for farm houses, factories, parks, and housing localities.
Patrol dogs are generally deployed where Security Officers may be at risk or if there are large areas to patrol. They are trained to be safe with members of the public, but can defend their handler when necessary.
Utilising highly trained canines, experienced certified handlers and security guard specialists, we offer a premier service in this unique and effective approach to meeting the security needs of our clients. Our expertly trained handlers and dogs have years of experience behind them to ensure that we provide the highest possible standard of service.