With the current economic climate in mind, Harris mobile security patrol service is ideal for clients who do not require a permanent human presence on site 24 hours a day. We understand that Individual or business properties are often a target for burglars, intruders or vandals our mobile patrol units are tailored specifically to your needs.

When your premises are unsupervised at night or you are away on holiday, our service can be adapted specifically for you. This cost effective option which can be altered to your requirements, acts as an effective deterrent to crime and can be carried out anytime day or night. Any suspicious activity will be reported and investigated by our professional mobile security patrol team.

Our mobile patrol officers are experienced in the field of security. They have a clean driving record and track history of professional service. The officers are fully trained and maintain constant contact with supervisors. Our vehicles are highly visible and will deter any disturbance to your property.

Services we provide:

  • Extremely cost effective
  • Quick response times
  • Can visit your site at scheduled or random times
  • Can patrol multiple sites in a vast area
  • Backed up by our control center
  • Available at your convenience 24/7