Retail Security covers the protection of a variety of enterprises from clothing to food and up to the vehicles. The level of security will depend on the stock you are offering.

Our uniformedĀ guards are fully trained to protect your assets and prevent the loss. They are fully trained on arrest procedures to ensure that no claims are made by the public, suspects and even by the shoplifters. We ensure that all offenders get Civil Recovery Notice through our OR your dedicated agent to provide you with the Return on Investment (ROI).

Our knowledge of retail loss prevention has taught us that the security problem is a lot more complex than that. It requires tailored and targeted solutions based on the detailed management information we can supply from a breakdown of incidents by product type at individual store level to our predictions of incident levels at different locations when a client is looking to open a new store.

We help businesses to define and achieve their strategic goals through the effective integration of security and cost control within the total business process through services such as:

  • Comprehensive protection of the supply chain from distribution to delivery
  • In-store protection
  • loss prevention and cost control
  • Monitoring, analysis, control, management and reporting

With our 24-hour service, unlimited real time web based data access and our commitment to excellence, Harris shows you why our clients say we are the best in the business.